Become an Underwriter:

We have a wonderful opportunity for your business not only to support the radio ministry here, but also to gain widespread exposure to our listeners throughout Eastern California and parts of Western Nevada.

We are able to offer your business one to three announcements daily, seven days a week. This announcement is an acknowledgement of your contribution and will include information about your business:

  • The products you sell or services you provide
  • Your location
  • Your phone number

Although we are legally unable to run promotional type advertising of your business on the air, we are able to provide you with full promotional advertising on our web site, just let us know your needs.


Our basic package starts at a pledge of $300.00 per month.

At this level you will receive one announcement daily between 5 AM and 9 PM

As KWTW, KWTM, KWBP KWTD, and KJCU are not commercial radio stations, the FCC only allows brief, generic acknowledgements of contributions received from businesses and organizations that have chosen to help in underwriting the costs involved in the operation of these stations.
Living Proof Broadcasting is blessed to be able to bring sound Biblical teaching and worship music to Owens Valley and the High Desert as well as portions of Western Nevada
All acknowledgements will be approximately 15 seconds in length and will mention the basic facts about the business and productsof the contributor.  This will include the phone number and physical address of the business when applicable.
Living Proof pledges to produce these acknowledgements in a professional manner as part of our appreciation for your contribution to this radio ministry.  Living Proof will also include underwriter’s information on it’s website at as well as in the annual Living Proof Calendar.

The ministry staff and management of Living Proof Broadcasting thank you for your support as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Owens Valley and High Desert of California and Nevada.

If you would like more information, please call us toll-free at 866.466.5989 or e-mail us at


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