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We all need help of one kind or another. What we don't always recognize, is that there is only one "first" place to go for help. His name is Jesus. And here is one thing you can count on: He loves you. This is what we at Living Proof proclaim. Jesus Loves You!

See, the problem is one of bad choices made in the view of a perfect God.

Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden. They were given one command, not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They broke that command. Because God is a just, perfect God, he had to punish them. So he did. And we are still living with the consequences of that sin today. All the death and suffering you see around us is due to the punishment God handed down because of Adam and Eve's Sin. The whole creation is subject to futility. The whole creation is under a curse. God told Adam: "On the day that you eat of the fruit, you will die." And all the pain and awful tragedies can be linked to this curse upon man and upon the whole earth.

But God, had a plan. You see, although God is a Just God, and His justice requires Him to punish sin, He is also a loving God. So He decided to take the punishment for our sin upon Himself. His Son, Jesus Christ was born a man, never sinned, and received the punishment for our sins on the cross in our place.

We now have another choice to make. To receive the gift of Jesus or reject it.


You may choose now, by praying this prayer:

Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. I know that You died for me on the cross and rose again the third day. I ask You to forgive me from my sin. I ask You to come in to my heart and take over my life. I turn, right now, from my sins and ask that you help me live a life seeking Your will in all things. In Your name Jesus, I pray, Amen.


There you go, you are now a new creation in Jesus Christ. Grab a Bible, start reading (We recommend starting at The Gospel of John), pray, and find a bible teaching church. You can find a list of churches here.

(Hint: when you get to the churches page you can enter your zipcode in the search box)


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